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Andy Harmon

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Home insurance


Your home is where you start and end your day. It is your most prized and loved possession! Our agency will make sure if something ever happens to your most prized possession you have the peace of mind it will stay that way.


Think of it this way- if you could ever lift your home upside down anything that is not attached to the floor would be your contents. Your clothing, electronics and furniture all are considered contents.


Ever wonder what would happen if your child throws a ball breaking your neighbor’s window? Guess what we have you covered! The liability coverage will give you assurance for covered damages that may occur in and outside your home.

Guest Medical

What happens if your neighbor falls on your wet floor and breaks their arm? We will help pay for the expenses of someone injured on your property.

Loss of use

Say your home is damaged beyond livable condition due to a covered peril such as a fire. Unfortunately you need to stay elsewhere. We will provide you with an above adequate limit for accomodations you can stay in while your home is in repair.

Other structures

Anything not attached to your house such as a shed or detached garage we can pick up here! Rest assured you will have adequate coverage for most structures not attached to your home.

car insurance

Car insurance

I can help you choose a combination of coverages that fulfill state requirements and meet your needs.

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